“Since beginning with BTY I have drastically changed physically and mentally… I now have a consistent nutritional plan and I have seen incredible results from it.”



“Like many women, my first thought of lifting weights was that I will become bulky and that I want to still look feminine…, I'm not only the strongest I've ever been, but also the most pleased with the appearance of my body I’ve ever been!”

- AndreaB


“Better Than Yesterday has had a huge impact on my life over the past couple of years and I couldn’t be more thankful for Bryce’s support and guidance.  Not only has Bryce helped me transform my body, but most importantly he has given me the knowledge to maintain my goals for the rest of my life!”


- EricaP



“Since I began working with Bryce and BTY I have seen tremendous gains in my physical and mental health…From working with BTY, I dropped almost 12% body fat, added strength, and lost an additional 26 pounds of body weight. I feel the best I’ve ever felt and am in the best shape of my life by far.”


- MarkK



"Since my surgery, I have dropped 7% in my body fat composition and gained over 20 lbs of muscle… I cannot recommend the BTY program along with the Strength program enough to anybody who is looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle and take their fitness to the next level. "


- DustinR



“Before BTY, I had very low self-confidence about my body image, horrible sleep patterns, and a sluggish attitude… Bryce has changed my whole lifestyle, helped me gain my confidence back, improved my strength in the gym, and overall made me a happier and healthier person!”


- JessicaP



“I've spent more than 25 of my 43 years battling my weight… I've lost 25 lbs and reduced my body fat by 8% ..., I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in many years and much of this is credited to Bryce and the Better Than Yesterday program.”


- KristinH



“Bryce and Better Than Yesterday have absolutely changed my life for better… Bryce’s knowledge of nutrition and fitness were evident as he assisted in creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle… After about a year of working with him I am down almost 60 lbs, which is the lowest weight I can ever remember being!” 


- DanaC



“Everybody’s situation is unique, and Bryce was able to provide me a plan for success that was sustainable for me and my lifestyle.  His knowledge in the areas of fitness and nutrition are second to none.  I’m not sure what took me so long to get on board with BTY, but I will be forever grateful I did.”


- EricA



“I had been doing CrossFit for six years…While I was still seeing incremental gains through CrossFit, it was becoming more and more clear that I lacked the strength to keep up with more challenging programming…

Backsquat:  215 previous 1RM, now 5x10 @215

Deadlift:  305 previous 1RM, now 355 3RM

Fight Gone Bad:  2014 = 287, 2016 = 317”


- Mark B



“Not only have I increased all major lifts, but combining Hypertrophy with high quality BTY Nutrition has provided improved energy and recovery times. “


BTY Strength Results:

         Back Squat      235#/285#

         Bench Press     235#/265#

         Dead Lift          315#/405#

         Snatch             125#/150#


- MattW


“Over the last 2 years my workouts have lacked direction and consistency… The PR's are a byproduct of Bryce's efforts to create a program that simply "makes sense."


- RandyS


“Over my 3 years of exclusively CrossFitting, I was very inconsistent in my workouts. Since starting the Hypertrophy program I have seen great improvements in my strength and general performance in CrossFit workouts. I feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin.”


- MiaM



"Working with Bryce has definitely been life-changing for me.  Not only have I lost over 20 lbs. but I feel better than I ever have before and I've learned a lot about nutrition that I'll be able to use going forward!" 


- MeaghanW



“Bryce completely changed the way I think about food! I learned how to meal prep, what to eat when, and how my body responds to different foods. I loved being held accountable for my food choices and have never felt more strong or lean.” 


- LizzieG



“Bryce made me finally have a normal and healthy relationship with food!  Old me would binge eat for an evening and then starve myself the next day(s).  Now I try to make better balanced decisions based on the food plan you set up for me.”


- RenieB



“I’ve always been into fitness & working out - but I most certainly "balanced" this out with far too many "cheat" meals or nights out in Chicago, so I rarely saw the results that I wanted. When I started working with Bryce, I noticed results after one week.  Gaining more muscle & losing fat. I have continued to use everything that I learned to this day - thank you Bryce!!!”


- CourtneyE



"I loved using Bryce's nutrition plan! He is very knowledgeable and motivating, but gives you realistic wiggle room for your guilty pleasures and special events… I got great results and would highly recommend him for whatever your nutrition goals may be!"


- KileyH



“I found a lot of success using the program because of the approach Bryce takes. He's not about all or nothing, he truly helps you understand how to find balance in your diet to maximize your health. I loved the check-ins every two weeks because they really held me accountable. They also helped me see the progress I was making week to wee which was motivating.”


- KellyM



“Prior to a specialized military tryout, I tried Bryce’s BTY approach.  Thinking that I would only see aesthetic results, I quickly noticed my recovery, performance, and every aspect of fitness improved, and also felt much sharper mentally.  If you’re looking for real results, I would encourage you try Bryce’s process.”


- AlexH



“Over the last few years, I hit a body plateau.  After Bryce walked me through specific suggestion of what to eat, portion sizes, and in what order throughout the day, I immediately started breaking through my plateau. He has given me a plan to maintain lifestyle that works for me and my goals.”


- LizS


“I learned a long time ago that exercise doesn’t necessarily guarantee health and fitness.  Bryce not only taught me how to improve my functional movement patterns, but the nutrition component as well.  I am proud of the 40+ pounds I have lost and the overall health and wellness I have found.”


- JohnG



“I’m so grateful for Bryce’s expertise, knowledge, and support.  I now understand why nutrition is so critical to success in CrossFit or any other sport.”


- AndreaG



“I was a runner and my body was stubbornly holding onto every pound of fat.  Not only did Bryce answer every single food question.  He also identified why some areas of my body were stubborn.  I’m now in the best shape of my life, and I feel like Bryce gave me the knowledge to control and maintain my body and fitness level for life.”


- MoZ



“I can attest to Bryce’s coaching.  His methods are specifically tailored to you.  The body measurements are critical to what you need, and he is always there to keep you motivated and on track with your goals.”


- JasonK