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Nutrition and Lifestyle

Find Your Balance 

Proper nutrition is the biggest building block of performance, strength, endurance, and body composition.  If your priority is to truly change your body, you must pay attention and be knowledgeable about the food that you eat.  


The BTY philosophy for nutrition is to increase the knowledge base for each athlete. Having the proper knowledge and skills to know how to maximize your results is arguably the biggest piece of the puzzle for maximizing your results for body composition, performance, and strength. 


BTY Nutrition and Lifestyle is all about finding balance.  Everybody has seen amazing 30 day before and after pictures.  The problem with a lot of these transformations is these individuals yo-yo back to their original "before" picture in a matter of months.  The BTY Goal is to find practical ways to make continual progress and have the ability to be flexible in your diet without throwing your progress out the window.


Understanding the basics of nutrition is something we aim to educate all of our members. Through better knowledge, you'll see faster results at all levels.  


Because our workouts are very challenging, we give you the building blocks to be able to know how and when to adjust your daily nutrition to truly optimize your daily performance and recovery. 


Macros or the balancing of your protein, fats, and carbohydrates is another excellent to get a better relationship of how food can work for you to optimize your results. 

Lifestyle Balance

Rather than trying to be "perfect" or "all or nothing" we believe having a sensible and balanced approach to your nutrition. Learn how to better set up your daily/weekly program to enhance your life and keep the results.

Calorie Management

While any "diet" may work, having the foundational understanding of your calorie balance both in and out, you can easily make adjustments to improve and change your body. 

Body Composition

Understanding where you want to go and getting better at using all your nutritional tools, you can easily make changes to not just look better but feel and perform better than ever. 


Interested in help with your nutrition? Get in touch to learn more!

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